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Our service department is, simply put, one of the best outdoor power equipment service departments around. We concentrate on fixing it right the first time and spotting potential future problems. We work on all brands no matter where it was purchased. We work on almost any piece of equipment with a small engine. Lawnmowers, snowblowers, generators, chainsaws, trimmers, wood splitters, and more. We don't, however, currently work on go-karts, four wheelers, snowmobiles, and compact tractors.

Here at Dave's, our service department operates on three basic principles. One, equipment purchased from us is worked on before equipment bought elsewhere. If a machine is purchased from another dealer or a box store, it goes on the list. The wait could be as long as two weeks depending on how many machines were brought in or scheduled before it. But if a machine comes in that was bought at Dave's, it will be worked on as soon as possible. Even if all of the technicians are busy, one will stop working on the machine bought elsewhere to work on the one bought from us. The second principle is fix it right the first time. This means double checking all work performed, making sure the piece of equipment works correctly and safely when it leaves our shop. This also means checking each machine over for potential problems that could appear in the future. This means everything from noticing the oil is extremely dirty to seeing debris in the fuel tank. But before any repairs are performed that were not requested, we always call the customer to get the go-ahead. And the third principle: be honest. We feel that if we are honest with our customers, they will be honest with us. If the customer made a mistake, we ask that they take responsibility for it and tell the truth. We do the same ourselves.

We pride ourselves on quality service, after all, that's what we started out doing. Anyone can sell equipment, but if there is no one to fix it when it breaks down or needs service, then the machine is useless. We use only the best parts and only the right parts. We don't do modifications or anything unsafe to attempt to use a part that is not a direct replacement. Safety is a primary concern, and no one can keep you and your machine safer than the technician that works on it.

We are certified to perform warranty work on all brands of equipment that we sell, even if it is purchased elsewhere. We are also certified for the following engine manufacturers (click on the logo to go to their website).

Briggs StrattonKohler EngineTEC

Our "Service and Checkover"
When a customer requests our service and checkover, they are getting what could be the best preventative maintenance done to your power equipment. For instance, a service and checkover on your riding lawnmower at Dave's includes the following: Changing the oil and oil filter, replacing the spark plugs, replacing the fuel filter, checking or replacing the air filter, checking for any fluid leaks, checking all belts, sharpening or replacing the mowing blades, cleaning the top and underside of the deck, greasing all grease points, checking for wear in moving parts, bearings, and bushings, checking for debris and/or water in the fuel tank, checking all tire air pressures, checking for service bulletins (on units we sold), checking all safety features and systems, and making sure the machine runs correctly overall. If any thing we checked must be replaced and the customer had asked to be notified of any expensive repair, we make sure to call first.

We provide free estimates. And if we feel the cost of the repair may exceed the value of the machine, we check it all over, make a list of needed repairs and associated costs, and give the customer a rough total of what it would cost to fix the machine before we fix anything. We aim to keep the customer's best interests in mind and will be honest with them if their machine may not be worth fixing. If they still want to fix it, we certainly don't mind and know that we tried our best to save them money.

So, if you need your outdoor power equipment prepared for the next season or fixed in the middle of season, bring it in. Or call us so we can set up a time for us to come pick it up for you. We offer pickup and delivery for a low cost. Once you have us work on your equipment the first time, you won't think about taking it anywhere else.

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